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How to Cook Bison

There is no reason to be buffaloed when cooking with bison. As many  chefs will attest, bison is a delicious and healthy substitute in any  recipe that calls for beef.Individual cuts of bison are identical to beef. Bison can appear to  be a deeper red due to the fact that bison has lower fat content, thus  less marbling than beef. Because bison is lean, it will cook more  quickly so it is important not to overcook bison. Overcooked bison is  tough bison. Cooking bison correctly is delicious and tender bison.
Use these general guidelines when cooking bison.
Ground bison meat should be cooked to an internal temperature of at  least 160°F and the juices should be clear, not red. Roasts and steaks  should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145° F (medium rare) or  160°F (medium). The oven should be set at around 275°F.

  • Oven broiling, move your broiler rack away from the heat about a  notch lower than where you normally broil beef steaks. Expect a buffalo  steak to cook one-third faster than a beef steak. Bison steaks are best  when cooked rare to medium to maintain the moisture and flavor of the  meat. It is not recommended to cook buffalo meat past medium. If you  prefer your steak to this degree of doneness, be aware that your buffalo  steak may lose some of its desirable attributes.
  • Turn your oven temperature to around 275°F for bison. Plan on the  roast being done in about the same amount of time as with a comparable  size beef roast. We recommend using a meat thermometer indicating the  internal temperature of 145° for medium rare


Bison Recipes

Alyson's Bison Burger


Perfected over many years and trials, this is the simplest and best basic burger. A staple of our house on warm summer evenings in the backyard or on the deck.

Grill the Steak to Perfection


Bison steaks are delicious and simple to grill. Getting your temperature and timing right makes for a perfect steak every time. 

Slow Cooker Roast


Great for coming home to on winter days and enjoying with family and friends for gatherings year round.

Bison Curry


Add a little spice and variation to your evening meals by trying this delicious curry recipe.

National Award Winning Bison Stew

This recipe won best stew in the National Bison Association competition in January 2019.

The winner this year at the 2019 National Bison Association Annual Stew Competition. 

Bison Tacos


A staple in our house. Can be made with soft or hard tortillas with ground or round steak.